Shawn Martin
                                   Shawn was born and raised in Denver, PA
                                   where he attended Cocalico High School. He
                                   arrived in the Erie area in 1992 when he
                                   attended Edinboro University and received
                                   his B.A. Degree in Art History with a minor in
                                   History. Shawn met his love of his life
                                   Amanda, while attending college. He and
                                   Amanda married in the fall of 1998. They have a son name Ethan who was born on September 26th, 2001. Shawn is currently working at a local education institution as an Instructor and Department Head of the Digital Design Program. He enjoys spending time with his family and coaching Ethan how to play baseball. On October of 2004, the SyFy Channel had a new show called Ghost Hunters with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. This show is where Shawn's curiosity about the paranormal was born. He liked how the show was leaned more toward the scientific aspect of investigating and how they tried to debunk the paranormal activity first before declaring the location haunted. Shawn met Chad, EVPS fearless leader, through the local education institution Shawn works at and learned about their mutual interest of the supernatural.