Doug Malanowski
Lead Investigator

                                   Doug was born and raised in Erie, PA and
                                   attended Girard High School briefly. After
                                   school he went onto get his Business Degree
                                   in Marketing and Management. Doug
                                   currently works for the United States Post  
                                   Office and previously worked in maintenance
                                   at a local plastic manufacturing company.
                                   Doug married his wife Tina in June 2007 and they have a son named Xavier who was born April 2009 and another son Deacon born August 2013. Doug loves spending time with the both of his sons and his wife, and loves to cook for family and friends. Doug cooks dinner almost every single night for his family! He is also an avid video gamer! Doug has always been curious about paranormal phenomenon’s. A few years ago while working at a private club he witnessed a hand full of events and heard stories that could not be explained. This is why he wants to help others find answers to their questions.