Chad Cornell
Lead Investigator/Founder

                                     Chad was born and raised in Franklin,PA.                                      Upon graduation, Chad moved to Erie, PA

                                     in the summer of 2003 to pursue his
                                     Business Degree in Marketing and
                                     Management. Currently, Chad works in a
                                     management position and previously was a
                                     Financial Aid Counselor at a local University
                                     and worked in the Financial Aid field for nearly 10 years. Chad married his beautiful wife Amanda in June of 2010 and they have two beautiful children together. A daughter named Tinley and a son named Ryker. When Chad isn’t working or out in the field on an investigation, he likes to enjoy time with his family and friends as well as cheering for his favorite sports teams. His fascination in the paranormal started when he was a child but really didn’t come to light until an event occurred that drove him full fledge into the field. Chad joined a local paranormal group and learned about the field through investigations, research, and experiences. Chad started Eerie Voices Paranormal Society with the hopes of helping the families or businesses in the community who may be plagued with activity occurring and having no idea where to turn. He has a commitment to helping the clients understand what’s going on in their home or business, so he may put their minds at ease.